Sunday, February 5, 2012

Organizing my Spices

I've been trying to come up with a way to organize my spice rack and have wanted to use small tins, labeled and placed in a easy-to-reach spot. My spice cupboard had become so disorganized and jam-packed with jars, boxes, bags and bins of spices that it took up too much time to find and pull the spices and herbs needed for cooking and baking. One day this summer, while I was digging through one of six "junk" drawers in my kitchen I realized I was wasting a handy, accessible spot that could be better utilized for my spices and herbs.
I decided to clean out one of the larger drawers, purchase some tins, and organize the most-used spices and herbs. I watched Craigslist and found 35 tins for $12, sold by a woman who had recently married and used the tins for party favors. Super great deal!! I cut out circles from patterned scrapbooking paper to cover the tops of the tins; typed up the list of spices and herbs and glued the names to the top of the tins. I cleared out my junk drawer and I now have a convenient, accessible spice drawer. I love it and it saves me tons of time while cooking and baking.
Now, my cupboard holds the ingredients that I use seasonally such as pickling spice, barbecue spices and baking supplies like cardamom. It's a great system and I no longer go through bottle after bottle trying to find my seasonings.

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  1. Hi Roxy! I love how you have done this. It's very visual! You are a spice lover like me! I try to eliminate salt whenever I can and replace it with wonderful spices. I wonder if people know how HEALTHY spices are!! Do you have a spice book? I found an old ABC's of Spice Cookery book at the thrift store last year; printed in 1950. Anyway, on my way to the doctor. Had a mole removed last week and now the stitches are coming out! ewwwww! Have a great day and here's to healthy cooking!