Thursday, September 24, 2009

Camping Mini Album

Sam, my Georgia peach

So last month I signed up for a mini album swap for the group, Craft Craving Chicas. Who knew my swap partner would become such a good friend? I sure didn't. Sam, from Palmetto, GA ( is a kindred spirit. We have so many interests in common, it's weird.

Beyond cooking and baking, we love reading old recipes and cookbooks, we both collect primitive furniture, we both enjoy canning and preserving -- not only vegetables and fruit but also memories. We both drive our husband's crazy with our list-making habits, (we both keep track of our canning results, among other things), our favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween, and we have the same tastes in paper: Cosmo Cricket, Graphics 45, are both our favorites.

Oh, and her youngest son is named Dakota and guess where I live? Dakota County. A coincidence? I think not. We were meant to be friends.

All of this commonality and getting to know each other — we e-mail back and forth day and night, about 6-7 times — added to the enjoyment of making our albums for each other. Sam mentioned that she enjoyed camping with her dad and brothers growing up, and knowing she likes vintage and Cosmo Cricket, I chose the Cosmo Cricket "Mr. Campy" paper line for her album. I included fishing and camping pictures that I had in my stash that I either bought at antique stores, acquired from friends, or found at local flea markets -- they were all from Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes and a lot of loons.

Though we are miles and miles apart and I can't be with her when she opens my gift, I am lucky that in this digital age that, not only have we been able to forge a bond but Sam is going to videotape her first look at my album. How cool is that?

I hope she finds it "stinkin' cute."

P.S. She posted her video and her natural reaction was more than I could have asked for. You can find it here:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blog Candy at Follow the Paper Trail

Check out the awesome butterfly mini album blog candy kit at Laura shows her mini on YouTube, under the same name. It is a beautiful book and reminds me of the 70s, all the colors, designs and styles that were the best of those days. Check it out, and keep your fingers crossed that I win!!