Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ATC and Little Fat Book Swaps

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Truth and Beauty

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a neighborly day in this beauty wood!

I joined Marion Smith's Girls Gone Scrappy mini album group last month, received my first kit and made a mini-file-folder album for my swap gal, Yvonne Hernandez. I'm sending it her way with loads of good feelings, thoughts and hope that she likes it!

I'm so far enjoying all the blogs and videos that other GGS group members post and make. It's so inspirational and I'm lovin' all the great ideas everybody shares. Papercrafting is my life-long love, even though I've sidetracked now and then into beading, basket weaving, pottery, flower arranging and my "always a passion" sewing. I drew my very first picture when I was 3 and still have it. It's a caricature of myself, an idea I copied from a sketch that my sister did of me. She is 8 years older and her sketch is much more discernable than mine. She so nailed my messy hair, trap-door jammies and sleepy eyes, standing in fuzzy slippers hanging on to the hand of my teddy bear. My version was a stick figure with a prickly blob in my hand and huge circles for eyes. I remember the day we drew our pictures like it was yesterday. Funny how some memories never waiver.

Yesterday, my husband and I watched the Michael Jackson memorial. I never realized how much he sang about love, hope and healing. It was beautiful to hear his words and music sung and played with such heart and depth of feeling, yet heart-wrenching to realize what a profoundly sad life he must have lived. Rest in Peace, Michael and thank you for your truth and beauty.

Yvonne's Dream Vacation - GGS swap album